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Bloofusion LogoThis blog is kind of a personal endeavor of mine. Me, that’s Martin Roettgerding, Head of SEM at Bloofusion Germany. As an agency we focus on SEO and SEM, helping our clients to build strong brands and run profitable websites, mainly in the ecommerce space. We usually blog in German on the Internetkapitäne blog and also have our own SEO/SEM magazine, the suchradar (available in print as well – which you don’t care about at the moment, but we are very proud).

However, sometimes I feel the need to connect with the international PPC community and to be able to take part in discussions that started elsewhere. I don’t just want to blog about everyday things – there are many other sites that report on PPC news or write about negative keywords. Instead I want to focus on areas where I feel I have something unique to share. This (plus time constraints) often mean that it takes a long time until there is another piece on this blog. But when there is, it’s the sort of thing you haven’t read anywhere else –  and hopefully the sort of thing that’s worth your time.


  • Martin Sundquist

    Hey Martin!

    First of all thanks for sharing the QS Tracker Script. Loving it.

    We’re currently trying to find a script that can pause and add keywords to an existing ad group based on a Google spreadsheet (which is connected to an XML). Figured I’d ask if you have something like that lying around since the other script you made is so smooth.



    • Martin Röttgerding

      Hi Martin,

      I’m afraid I don’t have anything like that readily available, but this sounds very doable. Maybe you could copy parts from other scripts and tweak them.

      The part about reading keywords from a spreadsheet is something that is covered in my first QS Tracker script from 2012, which might be useful: http://www.ppc-epiphany.com/2012/08/14/an-adwords-script-to-track-quality-scores/

      There’s also an official Google script about adding negative keywords from a spreadsheet: https://developers.google.com/adwords/scripts/docs/solutions/master-negative-list

      I hope this helps you to a good start. Some coding is still necessary I’m afraid 😉


      • Martin Sundquist

        Thanks for the tips! With some luck I’ll find a solution 🙂

        • Pedro Anselmo

          Hey there Martin! did u find a solution?