New Interface: Google Introduces AdWords Ubernext

No doubt – the latest AdWords interface has been a great success: With its fantastic usability, speed, and completeness, AdWords Next won over the hearts and minds of advertisers. However, starting today, selected users are seeing a little hint at the bottom:

This leads directly to the new interface: AdWords Ubernext is destined to replace the last interface and it comes with a few nice features already.

At first glance, AdWords Ubernext looks both impressive and powerful. Optimized for performance and without any playful gimmicks, the new interface comes across as modern and efficient:

The interface of AdWords Ubernext

Instead of two vertical menus, the new interface comes with a hierarchical navigation on the left and lets users choose the different areas like keywords, ads, etc. in the top navigation. “This new structure better demonstrates the different dimensions, making it more intuitive and logical“, said August May, Senior Director of Product Enhancement at Google. “No idea why we’ve never thought of that before!

Bestest Practices

AdWords veterans are familiar with the age-old struggle against default settings and Google’s recommendations. Ubernext aims at settling this conflict once and for all.

The solution that Google has come up with is a classic compromise. Advertisers will be able to overwrite default settings at the account level, even disabling unwelcome recommendations. AdWords will then no longer bother the user and in return won’t bother with the user’s preferences.

We’ve already tried this concept in the previous interface: If you’re using Smart Bidding, you can still opt out of the optimized ad rotation, which will then be ignored by system“, told us Frank Drabin, Policy Squad. “Unlike before we won’t inform the user with a little grey text on white ground on the right-hand side. Instead, we adopted an approach from reputable telecommunication companies.

More Ads

Google intends to provide the new interface free of charge. However, since the development of AdWords Ubernext is expensive, Google is turning to a proven method to pay for it: advertising.

To this end, a new campaign type will be introduced, capable of placing ads directly into the interfaces of other advertisers. These so-called “AdWords campaigns” enable users to create special ad formats (“AdWords ads”) and target them based on the targeting of other advertisers’ accounts.

Ubernext will be 20% more meta“, promised us Ecks Epsilon, Senior Product Synergist at Google.

Features for the Future

A very special feature is still in development: “Many users told us they want the system to remember their columns, freeing them from having to select them over and over again“, said Todd Ruffel, Senior AI Futurist at Google.

Google intends to solve this problem with the help of artificial intelligence. “The latest results are promising”, said Ruffel, “at least if you’re using the columns for impressions and interactions. In that case, our deep learning approach works like a charm!


With AdWords Ubernext, Google is poised to deliver the perfect interface. This is great news for advertisers who always felt that AdWords Next was a bad joke.