New Interface: Google Introduces AdWords Ubernext

No doubt – the latest AdWords interface has been a great success: With its fantastic usability, speed, and completeness, AdWords Next won over the hearts and minds of advertisers. However, starting today, selected users are seeing a little hint at the bottom:

This leads directly to the new interface: AdWords Ubernext is destined to replace the last interface and it comes with a few nice features already. Continue reading

AdWords Releases Five New Ad Extensions

It’s not every day that Google releases five new ad extensions all at once, but it happened today. My colleague Cora Rothenbaecher and I hunted them down and took pictures – take a look! Continue reading

A Closer Look at Data Driven Attribution

Since Google announced to introduce attribution models very soon, advertisers are excited for the new data driven model. The other day, I got to take a closer look and see how it actually works.

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Google Hints at Upgraded URL’s

When Google announces new versions of their AdWords API this is usually only relevant for developers. This time, however, the API is ahead of the interface, which offers an interesting glimpse at an upcoming new feature that will likely affect all of us: Upgraded URL’s.

I went through the corresponding API guide to summarize what’s likely to come.

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