Coming up: A New Way to Work with Customized Ads @ SMX Advanced Europe

This year for the first time, there will be an SMX Advanced in Europe. For speakers this means that you better bring your A game. Here’s mine.

Customized Ads are pretty cool, but they also require some knowledge and a bit of work. In some cases, like when you’re working with a thousand ad variations, this is unavoidable. In other cases, there is a better way.

During our session “Customized Ads = Greater Ads” on September 30, Koos Hoeijmakers and I will present advanced approaches to ad customizations. In my presentation, I will introduce a new type of ad that greatly simplifies the process of customization. Benefits include:

  • Implementing ad customizations gets much easier
  • There’s much less knowledge required (especially for teams/organizations)
  • You can get used to ad-hoc customizations instead of cumbersome implementation
  • Simplification unlocks new possibilities

In short: The barrier for using ad customizations gets lowered. You can go ahead and work with them almost as easily as with regular ads – giving you and your team the creative freedom to unlock the full potential of customized ads.

Are you coming to SMX Advanced? Make sure to come by and say hello!