About Martin Roettgerding

Martin Roettgerding is the head of SEM at SEO/SEM agency Bloofusion Germany. On Twitter he goes by the name @bloomarty, and you can find him regularly on #ppcchat.

New AdWords Beta: Dashboards

I stumbled upon a new AdWords feature yesterday: In a few of our accounts you can now build dashboards. Continue reading

AdWords Releases Five New Ad Extensions

It’s not every day that Google releases five new ad extensions all at once, but it happened today. My colleague Cora Rothenbaecher and I hunted them down and took pictures – take a look! Continue reading

Troubleshooting Google Shopping Search Query Segmentation

Every once in a while I am asked to consult on problems with my Google Shopping campaign segmentation strategy. The problem is always the same: Queries end up in the wrong campaigns, making people question whether the strategy still works. Continue reading

New Script: ETA Migration Checker

The migration to expanded text ads (ETAs) is still something that advertisers deal with, even today. At my agency, Bloofusion, we’ve used an AdWords script in order to keep track of our progress. Today, I’m sharing this tool. Continue reading

Latest AdWords API hints at Expanded Text Ads

Last week, Google announced v201605 of the AdWords API. The highlights included an interesting part about Expanded Text Ads – until it was removed from the announcement.

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A Closer Look at Data Driven Attribution

Since Google announced to introduce attribution models very soon, advertisers are excited for the new data driven model. The other day, I got to take a closer look and see how it actually works.

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Introducing the Quality Score Tracker v3.0

It’s bigger, it’s better, and it’s official: The new Quality Score Tracker is finally available!

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Keyword Quality Score Up Close

Google has just released a new version of the AdWords API. There’s nothing spectacular – unless you’re a Quality Score geek.

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How Smart Are Smart Goals?

There’s an interesting debate on the newly introduced Smart Goals going on. Although this is the opposite of “Advanced AdWords”, I’d like to add a few points that haven’t been made yet.

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A Little Progress with Google Shopping

A few days ago we stumbled upon something new in the shopping campaigns interface that I would call a step in the right direction.

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