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Martin Roettgerding is the head of SEM at SEO/SEM agency Bloofusion Germany. On Twitter he goes by the name @bloomarty, and you can find him regularly on #ppcchat.

Debunking Ad Testing Part 3: The Small Picture

Evaluating an ad test is all about aggregated data. In the last edition of this series, I demonstrated how this can lead to the wrong conclusions by going just below the top level. Today we’ll take a look at the lowest level.

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Debunking Ad Testing Part 2: Garbage in, Garbage out

Ad tests rely on data. The first part of this series was about how using the data the wrong way leads to questionable decisions. This second part is about the data itself being questionable.

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Debunking Ad Testing Part 1: Statistical Significance

When it comes to A/B testing Google Ads, experienced marketers have agreed on one thing for more than a decade: You can’t leave it to Google. You have to take control. The best practices on how to do this are also widely accepted. But guess what – it’s all nonsense. It doesn’t work and never has. Continue reading

New Script: Are You Ready for Parallel Tracking?

On October 30th, Google Ads requires all URL’s to be compatible with parallel tracking. To avoid surprises deep in our clients’ accounts, we’ve developed a simple script that I’m sharing today. Continue reading

Organizing Negative Keywords in Large Shopping Campaigns

Segmenting search queries into different Google Shopping campaigns can be very easy – if you don’t have too many keywords you need segmented. However, if you want to work with 10,000 or more product-related terms, you’ll find that AdWords has some limits that make things a bit more complicated. Continue reading

New Interface: Google Introduces AdWords Ubernext

No doubt – the latest AdWords interface has been a great success: With its fantastic usability, speed, and completeness, AdWords Next won over the hearts and minds of advertisers. However, starting today, selected users are seeing a little hint at the bottom:

This leads directly to the new interface: AdWords Ubernext is destined to replace the last interface and it comes with a few nice features already. Continue reading

New AdWords Beta: Dashboards

I stumbled upon a new AdWords feature yesterday: In a few of our accounts you can now build dashboards. Continue reading

AdWords Releases Five New Ad Extensions

It’s not every day that Google releases five new ad extensions all at once, but it happened today. My colleague Cora Rothenbaecher and I hunted them down and took pictures – take a look! Continue reading

Troubleshooting Google Shopping Search Query Segmentation

Every once in a while I am asked to consult on problems with my Google Shopping campaign segmentation strategy. The problem is always the same: Queries end up in the wrong campaigns, making people question whether the strategy still works. Continue reading

New Script: ETA Migration Checker

The migration to expanded text ads (ETAs) is still something that advertisers deal with, even today. At my agency, Bloofusion, we’ve used an AdWords script in order to keep track of our progress. Today, I’m sharing this tool. Continue reading