New Script: Are You Ready for Parallel Tracking?

On October 30th, Google Ads requires all URL’s to be compatible with parallel tracking. To avoid surprises deep in our clients’ accounts, we’ve developed a simple script that I’m sharing today. Continue reading

New Script: ETA Migration Checker

The migration to expanded text ads (ETAs) is still something that advertisers deal with, even today. At my agency, Bloofusion, we’ve used an AdWords script in order to keep track of our progress. Today, I’m sharing this tool. Continue reading

AdWords Quality Score Tracker Version 2.0 – Now with Labels

Google just made some very helpful additions to AdWords Scripts. One of them is that you can now use labels within scripts. To demonstrate how powerful this feature is, I’ve rewritten the Quality Score Tracker.

The first version required a spreadsheet with a list of keywords to track. It also required you to get the spreadsheet first. This new version relies on labels to mark keywords for tracking and the setup is much easier. Continue reading

An AdWords Script to Track Quality Scores

This script is outdated, but there’s a new one that is much better and much easier to use. Check out the newest Quality Score Tracker.[/su_box]Last month I wrote about AdWords Scripts and came to the conclusion that there is basically just one really exciting thing about them: You can share them! Besides Google, I haven’t found anyone doing that, so I’d like to make the first step.

The script I’m presenting here tracks selected keyword quality scores over time. If a quality score changes, it can notify you via email. The script also uses a Google spreadsheet to track the quality score of each keyword. Over time it logs the complete quality score history of your keywords in a simple, easy to use spreadsheet. Continue reading

A Closer Look at AdWords Scripts

A few weeks ago, Google announced the introduction of AdWords Scripts. It’s not really news nor is it an epiphany, but since I couldn’t find any article going much beyond the official announcement, I wanted to share my own thoughts on the subject.

finding-adwords-scriptsIf you already have access, you can find the AdWords Scripts on the left menu on the AdWords interface under the heading Automation. Continue reading