A new PPC Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to PPC Epiphany. I’ve carried around the idea of setting up a PPC blog for quite some time. Now it’s here.

The plan is to make this an advanced blog, covering things about PPC that you don’t read anywhere else. There’s already a huge backlog of ideas for posts. The first one (coming very soon) is rather long and theoretical, others will be more hands-on. The focus will be on Google AdWords and search.

A few words about myself: I work at Bloofusion Germany as Head of SEM, overseeing a small team working on client accounts. As an agency we do a lot of research on both SEO and SEM, and publish a lot, usually in German.

For the moment, this blog is a personal endeavor. PPC has become a passion of mine and most of PPC happens internationally or in the U.S. Through #ppcchat I’ve experienced what a great PPC community there is out there and I’d like to be part of it. I just hope you’ll overlook whatever strange mistakes my English may hold 😉

So let’s see what happens. Have fun.