What Really Happened in the Latest Quality Score Update

It’s been two weeks since Google announced to change the reporting of keyword Quality Scores in AdWords. The stated intention was to provide more transparency about those scores – a traditional problem for Google. Failing at that, the announcement has lead to some confusion among marketers. Let’s look at what really happened. Continue reading

AdWords Keyword Quality Score Shakeup

For the last few weeks, AdWords advertisers have enjoyed seeing higher than usual keyword Quality Scores. Since we’ve been tracking those hourly for the last couple of months, we’ve been able to closely monitor this development. The following chart sums it up nicely:

Average Keyword Quality Scores, November 2012

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What Landing Page Quality Score is Really All About

A year ago, in October 2011, Google announced a change to how Quality Score was calculated. Since then, landing page quality is supposed to play an important role the ad auction, where ad ranks and click prices are determined. It was easy to miss that this was actually a fundamental change – one that didn’t add up.

In my opinion, Google has once again given priority to marketing and neglected to tell the real purpose behind this change. In consequence, advertisers got a completely wrong picture of what landing page quality is and what they’re supposed to do. Basically, all conclusions and strategies to deal with landing page quality are utterly wrong. Continue reading