Taking Google Shopping to the Next Level

wishlistOver the year I’ve witnessed a lot of frustration about the lack of keywords in shopping campaigns. Oftentimes I wanted to to say, “Hey, actually…”. But it was too soon. I had to keep the secret.

A few months back, Kirk Williams published a 2014 Google Shopping Wishlist with keyword targeting being the number one wish. As it turns out, with Christmas shopping in full swing, Google still hasn’t fulfilled this wish and has given no indication that they ever will.

But now the time to reveal the secret has come. Let me show you how it’s done.

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What Really Happened in the Latest Quality Score Update

It’s been two weeks since Google announced to change the reporting of keyword Quality Scores in AdWords. The stated intention was to provide more transparency about those scores – a traditional problem for Google. Failing at that, the announcement has lead to some confusion among marketers. Let’s look at what really happened. Continue reading